With our CNC press brakes, we produce individual one-offs as a result of very short set-up times, and we are also happy to produce series parts in large quantities. Complex component geometries are manufactured cost-effectively with the highest precision:

The following press brakes are available to us for this purpose:

TrumaBend V320

  • Pressing force: 3200 kN
  • Bending length: 3000 mm

TrumaBend V85

  • Presskraft: 850 kN
  • Abkantl√§nge: 2050 mm

We guarantee:

  • Very fast processing of the requests
  • Very high quality of the edgebands
  • Short delivery times
  • A trusting cooperation
  • Pressing force: 850 kN
  • Bending length: 2050 mm we guarantee

Round Bending

With our modern machines, even difficult contours up to 2m in length can be easily rolled from sheet metal blanks with a minimum diameter of 235mm.

Sheets can be provided with radii or rolled into tubes.

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