Planetary Agitators

The Use and Technology

Herbst supplies planetary agitators either as standard machines or in customised systems for the laboratory and production sector. The vessel volumes  range from approx. 2 litres to over 15,000 litres. We manufacture planetary agitators as vacuum planetary agitators, double planetary systems and in many other variants.

The special feature of a planetary agitator

The agitator tools run on a circular path and they also rotate around their own axis, so that good mixing is ensured even at low speeds. This also enables particularly gentle mixing of the product.

Furthermore, a wall scraper prevents product from sticking to the container wall and heat transfer processes can run optimally.

Range of application of a planetary agitator

Planetary mixers are mainly used in the medium to high viscosity range.

Planetary dissolver

Structure / Use
Dissolver planetary agitators (planetary dissolvers) are very versatile. They have two separate drives. This makes it possible to operate a slow-running planetary agitator independently of the high-speed dissolver. Both speeds can be infinitely adjusted and thus enable special treatment of the mixing material.
With the help of the dissolver, high shear forces can be applied to the product in a targeted manner. The planetary stirring tool thus ensures good mixing even in process steps with the highest viscosity. In addition, a wall scraper also circulates, which conveys the product towards the centre of the container.
Alternatives to the planetary dissolver
Instead of a dissolver, other high-speed stirrers can of course also be used, such as an inclined blade stirrer. An angled blade agitator and a dissolver are often combined; the angled blade agitator then provides a flow in the direction of the dissolver.

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