Electrical Enineering

Herbst agitators are usually delivered as complete systems ready for operation, so that all the necessary electrical engineering is also included.

No interface problems due to own electrical engineering

This gives the user the great advantage that no interface problems can occur between different component suppliers. This means that your agitator will work without any problems immediately after installation.

Electrotechnical equipment

The scope of the electrical equipment depends on the requirements of the agitator operator. In the simplest case, it is only a control cabinet with the necessary components, whereas complex measurement, regulation and control technology can be used for complex process sequences.


Furthermore, the electrical equipment can also be designed for use in potentially explosive zones (according to ATEX 94/9). In this case, the main control cabinet is usually located outside the Ex zone and the agitator is equipped with an additional Ex-protected control box with the required operating elements.

In addition, we can also install the main control cabinet in an explosion-proof manner on request.

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