Safety technology plays a special role in individual machines and systems. In addition to mechanical protective devices, such as protective grids, pipe breakage protection and thermal insulation, electrical protective devices are also extremely important to ensure safe operation of a machine or system.

Protective devices

In the case of mixers with removable containers, their correct fixing must be checked and only the correct working position of the agitator in the container may allow the operator to switch it on.

In addition, a two-hand control usually protects the operator from hazards caused by mechanical machine movements. Other persons must then not be in the danger zone or additional safety measures, such as light barriers or enclosures, must be provided. If it is not possible to equip a metering opening with a protective grille, an electrical interrogation is also useful. Safety interrogation is also important for doors in protective enclosures.

If the operation of a system is coupled with the operation of an external extraction system, it is important to consider this circumstance in the electrical safety concept.

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