Plant Engineering

Plant Engineering

We are also happy to be your strong partner when it comes to plant construction. Our company manufactures plant components as well as complete plants. In addition to the production of your individual mixer, the full service includes e.g. planning, engineering, stage construction, piping, electrical engineering, automation, commissioning as well as maintenance and repair.

Turnkey plants

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can supply you with turnkey plants together with our reliable partners..


Depending on its complexity, a mixing plant can consist of a large number of different components. Very often, the main components of a plant are:

  • Working platform to accommodate the plant components. Possibly designed on several levels, complete with stairways and storage areas for bagged goods, among other things.
  • Stirring or mixing tank as the heart of the system.
  • Vacuum device, e.g. for degassing products.
  • Temperature control unit for heating and/or cooling during the process.
  • Conveying equipment and pumps for filling the mixing containers with raw materials, for transporting from one apparatus to the next and for emptying at the end of the process.
  • Pipelines and hoses for connecting the individual plant components to each other. data-aria-posinset=”7″ data-aria-level=”2″>Fittings such as butterfly valves and slide valves. Sight glasses with lighting and wipers for observing the process are also included.
  • Electrical equipment for monitoring and controlling the entire process sequence. This also includes the safety equipment.
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