About us

Tradition since 1874

After Friedrich Herbst invented the dough dividing machine, he founded his company, the Herbst Company, in 1874. This was the first step towards mechanisation. In Halle an der Saale, around 350 workers produced mixing machines in series production.

After 1945

After the Second World War, the Herbst family was expropriated. So they moved to North Rhine-Westphalia to build up a new company there on a small scale.
In 1997, the Herbst family sold the company. With a new management and a highly qualified staff, the production has since been modernised and many new developments have been successfully advanced.

New registered office of the company: Buxtehude

In 1998, the company moved to Buxtehude near Hamburg into a newly built company building.

In 2008, the company building in Buxtehude was expanded to include a technical centre, which is also available to customers for stirring tests. Nevertheless, the company quickly reached its spatial limits. The expansion reserve on the company premises is completely exhausted, so that a new building on a greenfield site – but in the immediate vicinity – becomes necessary.

Herbst Mischtechnik Buxtehude gebaeude2015

Larger production facility

As a result, the new production facility incl. office wing is built and completed at the beginning of 2015. From now on, an ultra-modern and spacious hall is available for production. The company currently employs around 25 people.

In the company’s 140-year history, almost everything has been mixed. Here are a few product examples from different industries:


Adhesives, lubricants, abrasives, sealants; soldering pastes, ceramic bodies, dyes, explosives


Creams/ointments, lotions, gels, toothpaste, eye shadow, fragrances, light-curing fingernails, hair care products

Food Products

Flavours, fruit concentrates, chocolate products, salad dressings, delicatessen salads, curd preparations, marinades, spice mixtures, bakery products, pizza dough

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